Al's Cum Cocktail

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Jan B Productions
Jan invites her new neighbor Jennifer over for some naughty fun. Jan wants to introduce Jen to black cock & Larry soon arrives. Jan loves turning girls into black loving sluts! Jen is okay with letting Jan lead her into the naughtiest type of adultery any white housewife could possibly commit. Jen takes to it easily & is meant to be a slut! Just as things get heated up, Jan’s wimpy husband, Al comes home from work. Jan gets pissed at Al. She makes him shut up and sit in the corner and watch.

Al moans & groans that everyone in the neighborhood knows about Jan & her black lover Larry. Jan makes Al undress & Jen sees why Jan needs a real man to satisfy her. Jan orders Al to hold Jen’s pussy open for Larry to put his big hard cock in. Jan makes Al go back and sit and watch.

Al continues to complain & Jan stuffs her panties in his mouth. Jan puts on a strap-on dildo & gives Jen a good fucking. Al is still complaining so Jan makes him clean off her strap-on dildo with a BJ. Larry is getting into it and cums inside Jen. Jan orders Al to get 4 shot glasses & he pours 3 with liquor. Jan fills the 4th with Larry’s cum from Jen. Now it is time to drink up! Jan then orders Al to lick Jen’s pussy clean so she doesn’t get pregnant!

Jan is such a bitch to Al!

Stars: Jennifer, Al, Larry, Jan B.

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