Cuckold Gang Bang 4

It’s a foursome, not a gang bang, but enough cold-hearted shit that goes down in this porno for me to forgive the misleading title.  Amanda Blow and Kristy Shannon definitely get nailed while making their pathetic hubby watch (Eric Jover plays the cuckold in both scenes).  Eric is such a good little cuckold.  He Cuckold Gang Bang 4never fails to satisfy the need for the whiny husband that doesn’t know how to fuck.

In scene 1 he comes home from the hospital after having been in a coma for 3 months.  What does he get welcomed home to?  His wife getting banged out by 3 dudes at once.  It is supposed to be his welcome home surprise, although he isn’ happy about it.  He can do nothing but sit in his wheel chair and shake his head.  With 3 cocks satisfying her every need (and hole), wifey doesn’t seem to care what he thinks!

Amanda Blow is down right shitty with her fresh-out-of-coma husband.  All she can do is remind him of how much rest he has gotten and that he is already pissing her off.  Oh that nagging cuck bitch.  Fuck him and his coma!  No wait, don’t fuck him, fuck his wife!

Cukcold Gang Bang 4 - Scene1

Scene 2 brings it home with the same 3 bulls and the same Eric Jover.  This time Eric is up and roaming on his feet with an all new wife.  The young and tender Kristy Shannon wants her husband to learn how to properly fuck her.  She invites hubby’s 3 best friends from college over to get the job done.  Eric protests, but no one gives a shit about his pathetic pleas.  It’s no secret that his cock is small and limp.

Cuckold Gang Bang 4 - Scene 2

Sure, most of the porno performers are the same, but the story lines are right on and the cuckolding definitely goes down.  As with all of the other pornos from White Ghetto’s Cuckold Gang Bang series – you may not get the gang, but you definitely get the bang!


Free Cuckold Videos: White Ghetto’s Cum Eating Cuckolds

Eric and Rylie pay a visit to a professor of sex and satisfaction for a little help with their love life.   The teacher demonstrates as he educates them in the ways of everything from nipple sucking to pussy fucking.  Eric watches and occasionally helps out with a little toe sucking and cum eating, but really he is just a pathetic little cuck that can’t seem to satisfy his hot young blonde wife.  The professor certainly doesn’t have a problem as we can see from wifey’s creamy white cum all over that fat black cock.  Poor little Eric.  He’ll never be more than a jizz cleaner.  Check out the cuckold action in the free videos below.


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Cuckolded on My Wedding Day 3

White Ghetto Films has finally released the third cuckold movie within the Cuckolded On My Wedding Day series! When a young and indefinitely horny woman marries a weak, pathetic husband, some infidelity is bound to occur. A cuckold husband, such as the one pictured in this free cuckold video clip, simply cannot stand up to a fertile bombshell’s sexual requirements. So, solutions must be found in order to keep their union whole.

These wildly sexual cheating wives not only feel great about finding cock outside of their cuckold husbands’ pants, but they convince the poor saps it’s in their best interest to keep an open marriage. Of course, that’s why they’re cuckold husbands and not the bulls stealing their wives’ precious lady parts. Four amazingly beautiful nuptials become erotically tainted forever within Cuckolded On My Wedding Day 3. That means almost 2 full hours of gorgeous newly wed cheating wives having hot sex with strange men while their husbands view every second.

White Ghetto always delivers deliciously dirty cuckold sex, but it’s the attention to character which makes this a well-made cuckold movie. We cannot stress enough how much the interaction between characters means to cuckold porn. Without the ability to create dialogue akin to the free cuckold video above, cuckold sex loses it’s luster. Luckily, Cuckolded On My Wedding Day is not the talentless variety of cuckold porn films. Enjoy this new cuckold movie release!

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Cuckold Movies - Cuckolded on My Wedding Day 3 Cuckold Movies - Cuckolded on My Wedding Day 3
Cuckold Movies - Cuckolded on My Wedding Day 3 Cuckold Movies - Cuckolded on My Wedding Day 3

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Free Cuckold Movies – Cuckold Gang Bang 3

Free Cuckold Movies - Cuckold Gang Bang 3
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The Cuckold Gang Bang series is back for it’s third cuckold porn party. White Ghetto gave Tabitha James and Natasha Rose a couple bull cocks a piece to play with in front of their worthless cuckold husbands. The free cuckold movie clip above is from the first scene, starring Tabitha James as our sexy, librarian looking cuck. She takes three cocks at once in stride while her cuckold husband lays on the floor behind her. Of the two cuckold gang bang scenes, this is easily the best. Natasha Rose handles her cuckold gang bang just as well, but the cuckold elements seems to get lost. Natasha seems to simply fuck and suck multiple bulls, and there were times when I forgot there was a cuckold husband present.

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