Chastity Cuckold Slave Cleans Up

Sativa is the perfect example of a bitch wife. She lounges all day, while her husband works two jobs just to make ends meet. And when he comes home, no matter how tired he is, his wife forces him to cater to her every whim. Not only that, but she really drives the nail into the coffin by withholding sex from him.

He’s her little cuckold slave. Sometimes he whimpers and tries to get a little nooky by making puppy dog eyes to his wife – but she might as well be the town dog catcher – she’s got no sympathy. You see, her cuckold husband has a small cock, and also has a little problem with timing. He always cums way too quickly, leaving Sativa unsatisfied. Over time, she’s grown bitter.

So now its time to train her cuckold to be good lover.

She puts his puny cock in a chastity cuff. Then she strips for him. She runs her long fingers over her sensuous body, and slowly slips them in to her tight slit. Fucking herself right in front of him. He’s like a dog waiting for scraps- but he won’t even get that.

To show him who’s boss, she straps on a huge black dong, and forces her husband to take it in his virgin ass. She doesn’t ease him into it either. Instead she just rails him, despite his cries.

After that, he’s nearly completley humiliated, but he’s not fully broken. So, bitch wife Sativa brings in her fuck toy.

She basically drools over her new lover’s cock. Praising it up and down, whorshipping it, all the while insulting her husband and his worthless cock.

Then, she fucks her boy toy. Fucking like animals, they get off while the piece of shit dog husband watches from his cage.

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Sissy Chastity Cuckold Gets Destroyed!

Bobbi Star shines in this sissy cuckold fantasy movie.

She obviously derives a lot of pleasure from traipsing around in her corset and panties in front of her “husband”, overtly cock-teasing him while she flirts with another man.

She looks good. She’s got a great body, pretty face. And she’s got a real mean streak.

Her husband is Dylan Deep, a real sissy boy who I can’t relate to. He sits on his knees, like a slave dog, eagerly taking his wife’s abuse.

Bobbi forces her husband to lick her puss, so it’s nice an wet for the other man’s cock. Once so, she climbs abourd and rides pole right in front of her husband’s nose.

Occassionally, she dismounts, and has her cuck hubby sniff the scent of the other man’s cock from his wife’s pleasured pussy. While he takes deep wafts of some other dood’s dick grease, he takes a ton of verbal abuse.

The next scene takes place in a bdsm dungeon where Dylan is subjected to all sorts of domination. He’s put in a body cage, has his ass hole stretched with a dildo, get’s his balls crimped in a genital cuff, gets spanked, flogged, whipped etc.

The scene is doing well on I think the scene looks good, the characters play out the fantasy well. And the there’s a nice balance between straight up fucking, and the other aspects of domination involved with this style of cuckoldry.

That being said, I didn’t feel satisfied by the end as I’m getting a little tired of the whole sissy cuckold character – something I’ll explain later.

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Interracial Cuckold Video Sky Rockets

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Niche: Shane Diesel.
His massive dong equips him to do some major damage. He just plunders wife after wife, cramming his cock up their organs, making the wives cum so hard they nearly spray.

I’ll be honest. I know these aren’t real husbands and wives, and so my quest to bring authentic cuckold videos continues. But, watching Shane just completely own the simpering wimps, and annihilate their wives, is enough to nourish me on my quest.

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Cuckold husband is shamed


Wow, Sativa really knows how to treat her cuckold. She’s a wife with a perfect body, a gorgeous face, and a passion for being cruel to her twerp husband.

Sativa sits in a warm bath, soaping her gorgeous curves, teasing her husband. She’s turning him on, but has no intention of letting her cuckold husband get any pleasure out of the situation. Instead, as she soaps her body, and lets her fingers wander across her perfect tits, and her clit, she speaks sweetly and softly, words that are meant to hurt her husbands feelings. “How does it make you feel that you can’t please me, that your cock is so small and pathetic that it makes me sick?”

That sets the tone. Then the action starts. There’s a lot of humiliation, some foot whorship, ass worship, and then Sativa straps on a dildo and anhilates her husbands asshole.

Once he’s bruised, battered and dismayed, she invites a neighnor over and giggles as he throws her on the bed and rips off her clothes.

She obviously loves her neighbors cock. She is ravished, shuddering with multiple orgasms, laughing at her husband as she rides the other man’s cock.

She calls her husband over, tells him to plant his face next to her perfect ass as she grinds the other man’s dick.

There’s just a lot of nice fucking in this thing, it really turned me on.
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Cum Eating Cuckolds

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Cum eating cuckolds get humiliated in our second most popular video.

Nothing like having your wife max out your credit card, and eviscerate you for not having a higher limit. Well, I guess it could be worse, like if she then decided that she wants to totally get your balls in her pocket by telling you that she’s been fucking another man behind your back for months.

Well, what’s there to do, but take it, and keep taking it, whatever you have to do to make your wife happy – maybe she’s right, maybe you are a loser.

So, pay up, and watch your wife get on her knees, and take it from behind from a black guy who’s cock sends chills up her spine – something you could never do.

And watch her twisted smile as you look up from between her legs, with another man’s cum all over your tongue.


African Gangbang White Wife

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Wow, I had heard of “Mandingo Parties” but I hadn’t seen one until now.
This footage features a sultry white wife getting gangbanged until her crotch is just soaked, all the while her cuck hubby, who paid for the party, sits and watches in hungry astonishment. How humiliating.

The video is short and sweet. It’s all in the editting. I guess that there was just a ton of footage taken of each dude stuffing the wife.

There’s a lot of pile-driving going on, which is hysterical being that the wife seems pretty timid at first.

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Cum Eating Cuckold

Cum eating cuckold fantasies are definitely satisfied in this video. This one really hits home, really penetrates. It manages to be both so enticing and so fucking humiliating at the same time.

Harmony is the epitome of a heartbreaking bitch wife. She comes across as sweet, as she subtly tries to persuade her husband to let her fuck another man. She says it will help their relationship. She even appeals to his sense by giving him a cute little blowjob while she makes her case.

Once her husband promises not divorce her, all the sweetness drops away like a curtain falling, revealing her real nature – a betraying and mean spirited bitch.
She humiliates her husband by telling him he’s got to wear her bra and panties, otherwise she’s going to fuck around with other guys and not tell him about it. Once he’s submitted, she makes him suck her pussyhole. He’s whimpering as she talks about how hard she’s going to ride pole. She visibly shivers at the thought of how hard she’s gonna fuck.

When her new partner arrives, Harmony starps a chastity device to her cuck hubby’s dick.

The new guy is just a big fucking lug, with an obvious arrogance problem. He’s really frustrating, like the college quaterback type. And he’s just loving the fact that there’s men out there who let other men fuck their wife – he thinks it’s fucking ridiculous, and he’s almost offended by it enough to fuck Harmony with almost maliciousness aimed at the cuckold husband.

They fuck all over the bed, and the cuck can’t touch his cock, and watches his wife writhe in another man’s arms. The cuck tries to join in the action in pathetic ways like trying to kiss his wife sweetly as she changes positions, or graze against her as she bucks against the studs dick, but his attempts always come across awkward and weakly, or Harmony just straight up rejects them.

The ending has a pretty nasty clean up, and it really drives the stake into the heart.

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