Cuckold Cream Pie Movie

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Wow, Andy San Dimas has never looked better than we she’s taking ten inches of black cock.

You can literally see the shivers run down her as she nearly collapses with pleasure.

Her puny white husband has a little nub of a dick. She’s way too fucking desirable to be stuck with an ineffectual twerp dick, so she invites a street thug into home to fuck her rotten.

Her husband, like a good little cuckold, sits quietly, merely whimpering as he watches his wife get ravished. He whines a little, I mean, his heart is cracking in half, but he never makes demands for his wife to stop.

He licks his lips as he starts to anticipate the thick, creamy load that he’ll surely slurp out of his wife’s pussy.

This cum-eating cuckold movie features three really nice scenes. You’ll get your fill.

Cum Eating Toe Sucking Cuckold

Lea is the ultimate bitch wife. She’s hot, she’s popular, and she always sports a grin when she humiliates her husband.

Lea is gorgeous. And she wields that power over her insignificant money. She’s married him for money, and maybe to use hm as a punching bag for her more vicious tendencies.

Just because they’re married, she doesn’t give it up to her husband. Instead she out-sources her dick from the local black gangs. She doesn’t get more joy than getting brutally fucked and disrespected by a black thug while her hubby watches. She’s a cruel genius. She won’t fuck her husband, a devoted, sweet man, but she will get fucked rotten and treated like a piece of trash by a stranger – all for the sake of crushing her husband.

Watch Lea ride black pole, humiliate her husband’s tiny dick, make him lick her stinky toes and eat the black cum from her soaked cunt.



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From Fine Date to Interracial Cuckold Victim

How does a young couple go from a bubbly night out together, to heart breaking interracial cuckold action?

They’d been on the rocks before, this time it just felt a little scarier. So, they’d gone out for drinks in hopes to bring a little joy back into their stale relationship. Despite having their issues, Cameron and her boyfriend Kit managed to share a few laughs together.
Walking home, somewhat drunk, Cameron whispers in Kit’s ear that she wants to fuck her. Kit, excited, hurries the pace.

Once back home Cameron rips off Kit’s clothes, an act that usually deepens the drunk one gets from passion. But here, it has the opposite, sobering effect on Cameron. Kit’s tiny dick… once again ruining the mood.

Cameron sighs, rolls her eyes, slumps to her knees. Kit hurt once again that Cameron can’t accept his penis size. Cameron, instead of feeling hopeless, gets angry at Kit for having such a small cock. His cock is an insult to her. Pathetic, tiny, worthless thing.

Kit starts to squeal and whine as Cameron begins to insult him – obviously they aren’t going to fuck tonight, and all that charm that surrounded them earlier has dispersed.

Cameron, feeling a little emboldened by the alcohol in her system, decides to do something that will rip Kit’s heart out – that’s all she wants to do, hurt him and hurt him bad.

So, she calls up one of her girlfriend’s and get’s the numbers of two black guys that her girlfriend fucks around with. Knowing that their cocks are legendary, Cameron smirks as she hangs up the phone with Dwayne, thinking of how embarrassed and helpless Kit will be once he is graced by the presence of a real dong.

Dwayne and Dante come over their house. Cameron immediately betrays Kit by embarrassing him in front of the two strange, and intimidating black men.

Here’s some pics of how the rest of the action plays out.

Needless to say, that Cameron, without a shred of guilt, greedily fills her mouth with two massive black cocks while her whimpy boyfriend stands shivering in the corner. The gorgeous little Cameron cums all over her black fuck organs while her cuckold boyfriend is in agony from his chastity belt. Cameron gets a load all over her stomach, Kit gets a load all over his tongue and lips as he does clean up duty for Cameron and her two black lovers.

The video has a lot of really nice fucking. Cameron is obviously supers sexy, and plays the role of the bitch really well. She’s got an insatiable appetite for fucking, and her two black studs oblige. The two black studs also play the roles well. They really add to the boyfriend’s humiliation – fucking his girlfriend, and insulting his pathetic dick.

It’s definitely boner worthy.

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Sissy Chastity Cuckold Gets Destroyed!

Bobbi Star shines in this sissy cuckold fantasy movie.

She obviously derives a lot of pleasure from traipsing around in her corset and panties in front of her “husband”, overtly cock-teasing him while she flirts with another man.

She looks good. She’s got a great body, pretty face. And she’s got a real mean streak.

Her husband is Dylan Deep, a real sissy boy who I can’t relate to. He sits on his knees, like a slave dog, eagerly taking his wife’s abuse.

Bobbi forces her husband to lick her puss, so it’s nice an wet for the other man’s cock. Once so, she climbs abourd and rides pole right in front of her husband’s nose.

Occassionally, she dismounts, and has her cuck hubby sniff the scent of the other man’s cock from his wife’s pleasured pussy. While he takes deep wafts of some other dood’s dick grease, he takes a ton of verbal abuse.

The next scene takes place in a bdsm dungeon where Dylan is subjected to all sorts of domination. He’s put in a body cage, has his ass hole stretched with a dildo, get’s his balls crimped in a genital cuff, gets spanked, flogged, whipped etc.

The scene is doing well on I think the scene looks good, the characters play out the fantasy well. And the there’s a nice balance between straight up fucking, and the other aspects of domination involved with this style of cuckoldry.

That being said, I didn’t feel satisfied by the end as I’m getting a little tired of the whole sissy cuckold character – something I’ll explain later.

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Interracial Cuckold Video Sky Rockets

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Niche: Shane Diesel.
His massive dong equips him to do some major damage. He just plunders wife after wife, cramming his cock up their organs, making the wives cum so hard they nearly spray.

I’ll be honest. I know these aren’t real husbands and wives, and so my quest to bring authentic cuckold videos continues. But, watching Shane just completely own the simpering wimps, and annihilate their wives, is enough to nourish me on my quest.

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Cuckold husband is shamed


Wow, Sativa really knows how to treat her cuckold. She’s a wife with a perfect body, a gorgeous face, and a passion for being cruel to her twerp husband.

Sativa sits in a warm bath, soaping her gorgeous curves, teasing her husband. She’s turning him on, but has no intention of letting her cuckold husband get any pleasure out of the situation. Instead, as she soaps her body, and lets her fingers wander across her perfect tits, and her clit, she speaks sweetly and softly, words that are meant to hurt her husbands feelings. “How does it make you feel that you can’t please me, that your cock is so small and pathetic that it makes me sick?”

That sets the tone. Then the action starts. There’s a lot of humiliation, some foot whorship, ass worship, and then Sativa straps on a dildo and anhilates her husbands asshole.

Once he’s bruised, battered and dismayed, she invites a neighnor over and giggles as he throws her on the bed and rips off her clothes.

She obviously loves her neighbors cock. She is ravished, shuddering with multiple orgasms, laughing at her husband as she rides the other man’s cock.

She calls her husband over, tells him to plant his face next to her perfect ass as she grinds the other man’s dick.

There’s just a lot of nice fucking in this thing, it really turned me on.
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Cum Eating Cuckolds

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Cum eating cuckolds get humiliated in our second most popular video.

Nothing like having your wife max out your credit card, and eviscerate you for not having a higher limit. Well, I guess it could be worse, like if she then decided that she wants to totally get your balls in her pocket by telling you that she’s been fucking another man behind your back for months.

Well, what’s there to do, but take it, and keep taking it, whatever you have to do to make your wife happy – maybe she’s right, maybe you are a loser.

So, pay up, and watch your wife get on her knees, and take it from behind from a black guy who’s cock sends chills up her spine – something you could never do.

And watch her twisted smile as you look up from between her legs, with another man’s cum all over your tongue.


Interracial Cuckold Surprise!

interracial cuckold movie
Title: Interracial Cuckold Surprise
Studio: Black Ice

Ok, this interracial cuckold video is obviously not about real cuckolds. But, it’s actually pretty hard to find real cuckold stuff, so sometimes you have to get by on fantasy.

And I’ll say, that Black Ice does a nice job fulfilling the interracial cuckold fantasy. The girls in the video are super sexy. The cuckold action is heartwrenching, although hard to swallow that these wimps are married to these exquisitely sexy ladies.

There’s a lot of big, thick black cock, and a lot of messy clean up for the cucks.

I can’t really say which scene was my favorite, because the movie has a gorgeous girl in each one, but, I think if I had to pick it would be the third scene, just because the brunette in it plays the “bitch wife” part so well, and she seems to be the most greedy about cock.

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Free Cuckold Movies

I made sure that these cuckold movies are the most heart-wrenching I could find. I want them to make you feel like your lady just line-fucked fifty guys and then put her cigarette out on your soul.

Cuckold Abuse and Femdom Torture is about as painful as it gets. Take a look and you’ll see a bunch of twerp, cuckolds getting their cocks completely destroyed along with their egos. Watch their bitch wives humiliate them as they greedily fuck other men.

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Double Clean Up Duty

clean up cuckold

Poor Al. The guy works himself into exhaustion at his empty job all day. And then comes home to his bitch wife, yammering in his ear, shaking a garbage bag for him to take out, complaining about the house, and just looking to take jabs at him.

But, like a good husband, he lets his head drop, and just takes it all.

The icing on the cake, is that Al’s wife, who has nothing to do all day, likes to pick up random scumbags off the street and bring them back to her and Al’s bedroom.

You’d think that when Al comes home, and finds her wife face covered in mascara and slobber, with a huge black cock in her mouth, and a even bigger one stuffed in her asshole, that it would make him snap.

As his wife berates him for intruding, calling him a pervert in between her moans, he just stands there, and takes it.

He watches his wife just get relentlessly pumped, spit on, and fucked in every orifice until she’s raw, only to get commanded to his knees to gulp down the semen of two strange men that’s spewing from his wife’s pussy hole and stinky butthole.
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