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Mom’s Cuckold 7 just might be the best of the series yet.  Right out of the gate in scene 1 we get to see Bobbi Star’s cuckMom's Cuckold Videos 7
queen skills in action.  We immediately see her disgust when her pathetic hubby makes an attempt to present her with a romantic home cooked dinner for their anniversary.  Instead she gives herself a nice big meaty cock for their anniversary.  The only gift her sad sack cuckold husband gets is the cum he licks off of her inner thigh.

In scene 2 the sexy cuck wife tart, Sienna West, blows her wimpy little husband off to go on a trip to Mexico with her cocky rock hard stud, Tyler Knight.  Before they head to the airport they take the time to fuck right in front and on top of (literally) Sienna’s tiny dicked cuck bitch.  He gets rejected when he asks to fuck her and it only makes Tyler ram his cock into her even harder – just to prove that the little worm can’t fill her pussy up anymore.

Scenes 3 and 4 kept the cuckold party going, but scene 5 really brought it home with a bitch of a husband that has to video his wife and her fuck toy as he bangs out her pussy far better than the other little shrimp could ever dream of.  Rough and hard.

Instead of me giving you the play by play, just watch the free cuckold porno clips below.  You’ll be glad you did.

You may have read about this cuckold movie before, but I wanted to revisit it and include a couple of free videos for you. Enjoy!

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Reality Junkies Moms Cuckold 7 on DemandReality Junkies continues their run as one of the top producers in cuckold porn with Mom’s Cuckold 7. This cuckold movie takes experienced adult industry porn stars, and makes them fuck big black cock in front of their meaningless cuckold husbands. The bulls chosen for this interracial cuckold bonanza are thick enough to make Nina Hartley wince and groan in real pleasure.

Amanda’s husband loves that she watches porn, but he doesn’t expect her smut viewing to escalate into having a large black man fuck her pussy raw. Everyone can agree that anniversaries are a special time, but Bobbi feels they are too special to celebrate with the same cuckold husband she’s had for years. Camryn’s hubby is upset that she is doing another man’s laundry, but he doesn’t know she’s brought the man with the clothes. Nina’s cuckold husband has failed to find her more interesting than the TV, but is soon paying attention to her while she is being fucked by big black cock ontop of him. Sienna’s husband will not let her take a vacation with her elephant dicked lover, but Sienna has better interracial cuckold ideas.

Big props to Reality Junkies for this film. Keep making great cuckold movies!

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