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Lea is gorgeous. And she wields that power over her insignificant money. She’s married him for money, and maybe to use hm as a punching bag for her more vicious tendencies.

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Sativa is the perfect example of a bitch wife. She lounges all day, while her husband works two jobs just to make ends meet. And when he comes home, no matter how tired he is, his wife forces him to cater to her every whim. Not only that, but she really drives the nail into the coffin by withholding sex from him.

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She puts his puny cock in a chastity cuff. Then she strips for him. She runs her long fingers over her sensuous body, and slowly slips them in to her tight slit. Fucking herself right in front of him. He’s like a dog waiting for scraps- but he won’t even get that.

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Sissy cuckold just gets owned by his wife. She’s got him in her panties, standing there like a shamed boy while she ravenously devours a big, black cock.

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