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Dear Cuckold Porno, You Need To Be Cuckolded

I’m usually all types of excited about posting free photos and video clips from hardcore raunchy ass cuckold movies.  Mean wives, big dicked Cuckold Confidential - WAtch Me Jerk Off Your Best Friendbulls and pathetic cucks make my day bright and cheery, especially when I know you’re getting off to it.  I’ll add, I don’t mind a low budget amateur movie from time to time.  Hell, sometimes I prefer it!  Even still, I have standards.  Today, I won’t be singing any praises, but I will be keeping it short.

I was excited to watch Cuckold Confidential – Watch Me Jerk Off Your Best Friend at first.  It is a POV movie so I was all in.  I love feeling like those dirty woman are talking to me and cheating on me right before my eyes.  Plus, the ridiculously hot (and tattooed) Tricia Oaks is in it.  She is just fun to look at period.  Well, I was disappointed.

First off, something isn’t quite right with these ladies.  They’re off.  Cassie Young barely spits her words out.  It is a total turnoff.  And what is with the ejaculating dildo in the last scene?  Lame.  I’m not knocking you if that is something you’re into, but it does nothing for me.  Snooze.

The cock that belongs to the so called best friend/bull is not the cock I want to see in a cuckold movie.  It is average size, which is perfectly fine and of plenty of use in the real world, but I want a giant meaty cock in my porno.  Your medium sized wang just didn’t cut it for me.  I didn’t feel threatened.  At all.  That might work for you.  If so, you need to get down with this movie.  If not, welcome.

Cuckold Confidential, you deserve to be a cum eating cuckold.



Evil Cuckold 4 – Free Photo Gallery

Clearly from all of the free clips we post on here and all of the dirty movies you watch, Sean Michaels is the motherfucking man when it comes toEvil Cuckold 4 cuckolding. He doesn’t even have to try to get your wife to suck his cock, they just do. The wives of shrimp dicked husbands happily open up and swallow his long dick all the way to his balls. Naturally, these unsatisfied ladies don’t just settle for oral pleasures; they want Sean’s wang all up inside of them! They want their husbands to watch too so they can see what they need when it comes to fucking – to see what they could never do: fuck the living shit out of them.

Blonde Britney Young knows she wants Mr. Michaels before he even walks through the door.  To both of their surprise, hubby is watching and hiding – ready to learn how to fuck.  Mia Rider doesn’t have a husband to cuckold, instead she cuckolds her girlfriend… ouch!  Alia Janine never gets fucked by her hubby so when Sean comes strolling up she can’t wait to get her mouth on him!  Honey White is so very lonely and way too hot to be ignored.  Mr. Michaels takes care of her every need and has no problem telling her husband to fuck off.  What a loser!

Check out the photo gallery below to see what I’m talking about.  It’s just enough to wet your whistle and get your cock up.  You’re probably going to want to watch the entire movie.

Click here to Watch Evil Cuckold 4!

Free Videos – Mom’s Cuckold 8

The Reality Junkies really have this whole cuckold thing down with the Mom’s Cuckold series.   The scenarios are superb, the wives are bitchy-hot, Mom's Cuckold 8the bulls are always packin’ and the  cucks, well they’re really good at getting treated like shit.  The newest of the series, Mom’s Cuckold 8, has one scene in particular that really captures the essence of cuckoldry.  It is so satisfying that I am in fact giving you three free video clips.

Katie Kox‘s husband comes home drunk and enters the house having forgotten to pay the cab driver. She doesn’t have enough money to cover her jerk off of a husband’s cab fare so she figures out another form of payment. Katie happily turns her husband into a little bitch cuck while she gets her big black cock on.  This scene is as funny as it is hot, so good luck deciding whether to jerk off or point and laugh.  I suppose you could do both.  I’m about to spoil the fuck out of you.  Watch and enjoy.

Watch all of Mom’s Cuckold 8 HERE!

If you missed the free videos from Mom’s Cuckold 7, you should definitely check them out. Bobbi Starr is one hell of a bitch wife.

Free Cuckold Videos: White Ghetto’s Cum Eating Cuckolds

Eric and Rylie pay a visit to a professor of sex and satisfaction for a little help with their love life.   The teacher demonstrates as he educates them in the ways of everything from nipple sucking to pussy fucking.  Eric watches and occasionally helps out with a little toe sucking and cum eating, but really he is just a pathetic little cuck that can’t seem to satisfy his hot young blonde wife.  The professor certainly doesn’t have a problem as we can see from wifey’s creamy white cum all over that fat black cock.  Poor little Eric.  He’ll never be more than a jizz cleaner.  Check out the cuckold action in the free videos below.


Click here to watch White Ghetto’s Cum Eating Cuckolds in it’s entirety!

Hotmovies – Available On Android. Be A Cuck Bitch Everywhere You Go.

Hotmovies On The Android

News broke on March 30th that Hotmovies is now available on the Android.  If you need a healthy dose of name calling and abuse on the fly, well now you can get it.  Craving a cum eating cuckold?  Pull your phone out and lick it up!  Be the pathetic shrimp dick loser that you know are at the push of a button.  Don’t say we never did anything for you, you sissy bitch.

Here is a message from James at Hotmovies to give you the details.

Starting today March 30th 2012 users of the Android operating system can enjoy over 20,000 adult videos on demand at

We started offering Iphone videos last year with much success and added a few every day.
We knew we would need to add a hell of a lot more than that but didn’t want to duplicate our work for both Android and Iphone.

Sadly this left our Android users limp and unsatisfied. But the wait is over.

For the past few months the development team has been redesigning our site from the ground up for the Evolve push and now the time has come to start releasing those improvements.

We opened the flood gates and added 20,000 movies that can be played on both Android (using Flash) and IPhone (using the built in player).

Give it a test run and let us know what you think:

While you can now watch Hotmovies everywhere – please, don’t watch it EVERYWHERE!
Make sure you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Happy fapping,


Free Cuckold Videos – Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 21

We’re back with more Cuckold Fantasies!  While you’re away, wifey wants to play.  With three other big dicked men, that is.  Loser hubby comes home to find his wife wet and playing with herself.  Sadly, she isn’t horny for him.  She is ready and waiting for the guys she invited over to give her a proper fucking.  They fill up the cuck wife’s pussy and mouth, never leaving without a cock in on or around her.  Her loving husband whines and wimpers, but there is no stopping her personal fuck fest.  The only thing that satiates her is getting filled to the brim with three large spunk loads.  To finish it off, she lets her hubby lick it up.  Lucky man.

Check out these free videos from Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 21!


You can watch the entirety of Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 21 HERE!

Free Cuckold Videos – Black Bi Cuckolding 7

Sure, our last few posts featured plenty of interracial cuckold action, but I couldn’t resist posting the new porno from the Black Bi Cuckolding Black Bi Cuckolding 7series.  This one definitely tops the previous titles and I didn’t even get past the first scene.  Ashli Orion is sweet enough to throw her hubby a surprise birthday party, but don’t get it twisted because she is one bitch of a wife.  What is the surprise?  Why it’s a nice big fat black cock.  Her sissy cuck husband hasn’t fucked her in 6 months and he has tons of male on male porn on his computer so she knows he likes dick.  Before she makes him suck her best friend’s black schlong she gets her pussy licked and reamed.  She doesn’t even want to hear her sad little husband’s voice while she enjoys getting her sweet pussy taken care of.

Watch Black Bi Cuckolding 7 HERE


Mmmm… how about some nice chocolate dick, Deviant Kade? He is told to stop being a little bitch and appreciate his present. That is exactly what he does.  He opens wide and takes that long dong down his throat!  He is such a good little bi cuckold.