Free Cuckold Videos – Black Bi Cuckolding 7

Sure, our last few posts featured plenty of interracial cuckold action, but I couldn’t resist posting the new porno from the Black Bi Cuckolding Black Bi Cuckolding 7series.  This one definitely tops the previous titles and I didn’t even get past the first scene.  Ashli Orion is sweet enough to throw her hubby a surprise birthday party, but don’t get it twisted because she is one bitch of a wife.  What is the surprise?  Why it’s a nice big fat black cock.  Her sissy cuck husband hasn’t fucked her in 6 months and he has tons of male on male porn on his computer so she knows he likes dick.  Before she makes him suck her best friend’s black schlong she gets her pussy licked and reamed.  She doesn’t even want to hear her sad little husband’s voice while she enjoys getting her sweet pussy taken care of.

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Mmmm… how about some nice chocolate dick, Deviant Kade? He is told to stop being a little bitch and appreciate his present. That is exactly what he does.  He opens wide and takes that long dong down his throat!  He is such a good little bi cuckold.

Cuckold Movie – James Deen Will Cuckold You – Presley Maddox

These free cuckold pics tell you exactly what you need to know about this cuckold video. James Deen loves to fuck, and doesn’t care what cuckold husband is in the room. We really love how James drives Presley Maddox into her significant other during doggy style on the couch. There is no better way of shoving a guy and demoralizing him at the same time.

Presley makes sure to keep her pussy cuckold biff involved so he doesn’t skirt by without paying attention. She constantly asks him questions like, “What? You don’t like seeing how much bigger his cock is than yours?” His reactions are fairly dull, but what could you expect from an effeminate nerd who can’t even talk dirty to his own girl?

Free Cuckold Movies – Black Bi Cuckolding 2

Free Cuckold Videos - Black Bi-Cuckolding 2

Black Bi-Cuckolding 2 does exactly what every big dick loving, pants wearing woman dreams of when she’s having to fake an orgasm atop her worthless, small dong cuckold husband. Watch as these extra horny housewives not only put a little color in their lives, but make their sissy ass men eat chocolate on demand. Three sexy cheating wives fuck their personal choice in well-hung black men, and force their cuckold husbands to suck the big dark meat while it’s still dripping with cuckold sex.

In this free cuckold video, Nella Jay can’t get enough gagging. Her sissy cuckold husband’s gagging that is. Enjoy Nella forcing a throbbing hard black man dick down her husband’s throat while she keeps her black sex mate thoroughly turned on.

Free Cuckold Videos - Black Bi-Cuckolding 2 1
Free Cuckold Videos - Black Bi-Cuckolding 2 1
Free Cuckold Videos - Black Bi-Cuckolding 2 3

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Cuckold Movie Reviews – Cuckold Fantasies 2

Wife Sex Videos - Cuckold Fantasies 2We may have featured this cuckold video once in the past, but it deserves another shot in the limelight. Cuckold Fantasies 2 from Roman Video is a white hot staple in Cuckold Porn.

Hot blonde horny housewife Harmony has a craving for some strange hard cock, but her husband is kind of an obstacle. Luckily, Harmony is a queen in the world of seduction. She seduces him by sucking and stroking his throbbing hard-on. She teases him by saying how much the idea turns her on and how it is going to make their relationship better than it already is.

He is reluctant at first, but the blow job and devious manipulation is too powerful of a combo for the sissified hubby. She then makes him repeat OUT LOUD that he wants to watch his cheating wife get fucked by another man! The way she talks to him and sucks his cock will drive you insane with lust. I found myself rewinding this scene over and over again just to hear and see her gain total mental and physical control. She rewards him with hot wife sex by letting him suck and worship her pussy, but suddenly changes her attitude and becomes extremely dominant.

Wife Sex Videos - Cuckold Fantasies 2 1

This red hot slut wife shows her real colors by turning her sissified cuckold husband into a stool. She sits on his back to apply makeup in their mirror and get dressed for her new cuckold sex partner. Her husband wants Harmony to let him at least touch himself while she is fucking another man, but she has fitted his manhood with a sturdy chastity device in order to prevent just that. The happily cheating housewife finishes her outfit, rubs her tits in her submissive husband’s face, and then instructs him to kneel in the corner until she returns home.

Wife Sex Videos - Cuckold Fantasies 2 2

Harmony returns with the lover that her last sissified husband couldn’t handle watching her fuck, and calls for her awaiting cuckold husband to come downstairs. Harmony rubs it in by calling her lover a REAL MAN with a REAL COCK in front of her husband. She makes her cuckold husband undress her and she begins sucking her cuckold sex partner’s cock while looking at him and taunting him. Gonna have to watch to find out the rest :)

Wife Sex Videos - Cuckold Fantasies 2 3

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Free Cuckold Videos – Eat My Black Boyfriend’s Cum

Meet Brandi and Lavender. Brandi is a submissive cuckold humiliation sissy, and Lavender is his Goddess. Brandi shells out money constantly to buy Lavender lavish gifts in hopes that she will take pity on his cuckold husband ass and finally fuck him. Poor dopey bastard even bought her a car and an expensive corset to play with her in.

Well, there’s no way that Brandi’s small cock is going to be any fun with these great toys…so Lavender invites her big black cuckold sex friend over to reap the rewards. Lavender and her black cuckold friend keep Brandi masked and less than a foot away for everything they get into. She frequently whips his humiliated cock whenever she notices he is getting hard without her permission. Lavender paddles Brandi’s sissified cuckold husband ass, slaps him, makes him suck on a black dildo whenever she gives her black cuckold friend a blowjob, and even makes him lick the cum off her freshly fucked bottom.

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Cuckold Movies – I Cuckold

Cuckold Videos - I Cuckold I just don’t understand why men have to be dicks when I realllly want to fuck! I was so infuriated when I woke up alone this morning, I had serious thoughts of inviting over my hot personal trainer to tie him up and have amazing angry cuckold sex right in front of his stupid face.

Unfortunately, that option just isn’t in the cards. That’s why I have decided to watch cuckold porn all day today. At least I can get some of the aggression out rubbing my own pussy to hot horny cheating wives fucking big dicked men while belittling their cuckold husbands. The first cuckold video I came to around 10 am was I Cuckold from Powersville. This is exactly the kind of demeaning femdom cuckold porn I needed today.

When your momma’s boy of a husband needs a rude awakening in the bedroom, there’s just nothing better than tieing him up, spitting on him, feeding him semen, forcing him to be completely celibate, and making him “watch my wife suck and fuck a big black dick.” I love how this cuckold video comes right out of the gate doing just that. The first cuckold husband in this DVD is made to watch his cheating wife fuck a black cock while he is tied up, gagged, wearing a dunce cap, and has “pussy” written across his beer belly. This cuckold sex scene alone made me feel like a brand new horny housewife.

Cuckold Videos - I Cuckold 1
Cuckold Videos - I Cuckold 2
Cuckold Videos - I Cuckold 3

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I’m not a sissy cuckold

You know, sometimes it’s a little hard to relate to the sissy cuckolds in the movies I’ve been watching lately.

I’m a man. I’m not a sissy cuckold who takes everything from my wife, I’m not a closeted gay guy who’s looking to get cuckolded as a way to find fulfillment for my repressed homosexual needs.

Whereas I see most of the cuckolds on the network as being closeted gay guys with mommy fantasies.

I’m not personally looking to get dommed in the classic way. I don’t wan to get butt-fucked by my wife – not that there’s something wrong with that, and I’m willing to try anything; I’m just saying I don’t want to get analized in the same spirit in which most cuckolds do. I don’t want to have to eat out dirty ass, or worship some dirty feet, I don’t want to be a chastity slave, I don’t want to get my nuts kicked until they’re ringing like the bells of St. Mary’s.

All I want is to occasionally come home and happen upon my wife riding another guy. Or I want to watch some videos from the planted camera’s all throughout my house. Call me crazy. I guess I’m not the typical cuck.

I think niche sites like these have a tendency to over-generalize, or to maybe exaggerate. Maybe that’s just the nature of the beast when you’re mass producing niche content. It’s hard to be completely authentic. It’s easier to just sort of have a rounded-out idea of what a cuckold is, and to pump out a bunch of videos.

I’m not trying to pass judgment. Just sort of expressing a thought that dawned on me.

Sissy Chastity Cuckold Gets Destroyed!

Bobbi Star shines in this sissy cuckold fantasy movie.

She obviously derives a lot of pleasure from traipsing around in her corset and panties in front of her “husband”, overtly cock-teasing him while she flirts with another man.

She looks good. She’s got a great body, pretty face. And she’s got a real mean streak.

Her husband is Dylan Deep, a real sissy boy who I can’t relate to. He sits on his knees, like a slave dog, eagerly taking his wife’s abuse.

Bobbi forces her husband to lick her puss, so it’s nice an wet for the other man’s cock. Once so, she climbs abourd and rides pole right in front of her husband’s nose.

Occassionally, she dismounts, and has her cuck hubby sniff the scent of the other man’s cock from his wife’s pleasured pussy. While he takes deep wafts of some other dood’s dick grease, he takes a ton of verbal abuse.

The next scene takes place in a bdsm dungeon where Dylan is subjected to all sorts of domination. He’s put in a body cage, has his ass hole stretched with a dildo, get’s his balls crimped in a genital cuff, gets spanked, flogged, whipped etc.

The scene is doing well on I think the scene looks good, the characters play out the fantasy well. And the there’s a nice balance between straight up fucking, and the other aspects of domination involved with this style of cuckoldry.

That being said, I didn’t feel satisfied by the end as I’m getting a little tired of the whole sissy cuckold character – something I’ll explain later.

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Cum Eating Cuckold

Cum eating cuckold fantasies are definitely satisfied in this video. This one really hits home, really penetrates. It manages to be both so enticing and so fucking humiliating at the same time.

Harmony is the epitome of a heartbreaking bitch wife. She comes across as sweet, as she subtly tries to persuade her husband to let her fuck another man. She says it will help their relationship. She even appeals to his sense by giving him a cute little blowjob while she makes her case.

Once her husband promises not divorce her, all the sweetness drops away like a curtain falling, revealing her real nature – a betraying and mean spirited bitch.
She humiliates her husband by telling him he’s got to wear her bra and panties, otherwise she’s going to fuck around with other guys and not tell him about it. Once he’s submitted, she makes him suck her pussyhole. He’s whimpering as she talks about how hard she’s going to ride pole. She visibly shivers at the thought of how hard she’s gonna fuck.

When her new partner arrives, Harmony starps a chastity device to her cuck hubby’s dick.

The new guy is just a big fucking lug, with an obvious arrogance problem. He’s really frustrating, like the college quaterback type. And he’s just loving the fact that there’s men out there who let other men fuck their wife – he thinks it’s fucking ridiculous, and he’s almost offended by it enough to fuck Harmony with almost maliciousness aimed at the cuckold husband.

They fuck all over the bed, and the cuck can’t touch his cock, and watches his wife writhe in another man’s arms. The cuck tries to join in the action in pathetic ways like trying to kiss his wife sweetly as she changes positions, or graze against her as she bucks against the studs dick, but his attempts always come across awkward and weakly, or Harmony just straight up rejects them.

The ending has a pretty nasty clean up, and it really drives the stake into the heart.

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Sissy Cuckold Gets A Creampie

Sissy cuckold just gets owned by his wife. She’s got him in her panties, standing there like a shamed boy while she ravenously devours a big, black cock.

She sucks cock with such tenacity, that her face just gets completely covered in spit – not a problem when her pussy-whipped hubby is ready to lick the cock-flavored spit off his wife’s lips and tongue.

His bitch husband asks her cuck husband how he would like her to suck his dick, and when he’s done explaining, she uses his description to suck her black lover’s cock – leaving the hubby simpering like a bitch.

The wife gives one hell of a sexual performance. In all honesty, I’ve never seen someone give head like she does. It made me ache. And then, when she climbs up on her black stud’s dick, and shows us her full, shapely, perfect ass, it’s just so hot.

She also gets my blood going because she’s such a fucking bitch. She’s not timid at all about sucking another man’s dick.

If you’re into sissy cuckold stuff, this video is for you.

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