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Cuckold Movie - Evil Cuckold 2Director/stud performer Sean Michaels presents Evil Cuckold 2, a batch of kinky interracial cheating wife scenarios with anal sex in every scene. In each of four scenes, Sean and his prodigious cock are the focus of a lustful, wayward wife’s sexual affection. These vignettes show different dynamics of a taboo fem-dom niche, but they’re uniform in their strong production values and propulsive sex. The disc includes a cumshot recap, photo galleries, cast list, filmographies, and trailers.

We open with smokin’, caliente Latina Franceska Jaimes and Gabriel Dalessandro portraying a swinging married couple. Sean is the plumber they’ve called, but it’s not the sink that needs snaking. Her skimpy dress can’t contain Franceska’s big, meaty ass as she sticks it in the earnest workman’s face. She blows him, with Gabriel furtively watching, but Sean panics when he notices the husband. Reassured that this is their kinky lifestyle, it’s not long till he’s pumping his thick meat up her thick ass, with her husband encouraging the nastiness. As Sean pumps her doggie-style, Gabriel loses his jism right on his busy wife’s face. Sean makes it two cum facials, and the happy swingers share a double-cum kiss!

Next we’re in an Old West saloon, where barkeep Bob sees his mail order bride, lovely Sharon Shevon (in a silk dress with a parasol), chatting up Sheriff Sean. It turns out the barkeep isn’t keeping his new wife satisfied… She humiliates him viciously, complaining to Sean about her husband’s tiny penis and attempting to seduce the tall, dark law man. Right in front of the horrified cuckold husband (and, presumably, other bar patrons) she takes a deep ass-fucking as her belittled spouse moans and objects.

In Vignette #3, Sean is a chauffeur ready to ferry pretty MILF Nina Hartley to the theater. Since Nina suspects her husband’s sudden business trip is an excuse to cheat, she invites Chauffeur Sean to spend the night in. She’s happily blowing his big, black bone when husband Gabriel catches them in flagrante delicto. Angry Nina refuses to desist and offers her husband the choice of leaving or watching. He surprises her: He’s not the cheating loser they suspect; in fact he’s got the same kinky streak as his wife; they’ve just never communicated. Watching Sean nail Nina’s three holes is just what all of them need, and adventurous Gabriel even slurps Sean’s cum from a martini glass!

Sean returns as a private dick in the final scenario, and he’s got the goods on pretty blonde Ashley Winters’ cheating husband. She knows how to take revenge, right on her office desk. When husband Bob walks in on them and strenuously objects, Ashley blackmails him… He can stand in the corner and watch her punitive butt-fuck with Sean. He cries and moans in abject humiliation, but with proof of his philandering, she’ll sue him for his money after she’s evened the faithless score!

Evil Cuckold 2 delivers the nasty sexual psychology of various cheating wife scenarios, with anal sex in every scene, filthy kinks like ass-to-mouth blowing, male bisexuality and cum swapping … and it’s all presented with the usual Sean Michaels panache.

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Free Wife Sex Videos - Evil Cuckold
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When a frustrated wife or live-in girlfriend is looking for some strange sex, Sean Michaels is ready to deliver the goods. Evil Cuckold, directed by Sean for Buttman Magazine Choice, offers four scenes in its two-and-a half hour run time ranging from a swinging couple happily enjoying Sean’s company to a frustrated wife fucking Sean while taunting her chastity-confined cuckold husband.

Eager Chip gets wife Krissy Lynn to call phone repairman Sean so she can fuck him – and he can watch. Chip watches and helps Krissy get off with Sean, and is rewarded with a mouthful of interracial cuckold jizz second-hand from Krissy, which he complacently swallows.

Janet Mason is displeased with husband Bob’s puny dick, which she has locked up in a chastity device. She makes Bob watch as she fucks and sucks his boss Sean, while she humiliates him in a nonstop barrage of abuse, ending with making Bob taste “a real man’s cum” off her chin.

Ava Devine and Johnny Fender are the swingers who offer Ava to Sean as a carnal incentive to buy their house, with anal and ATM to sweeten the deal.

Sienna West humiliates boyfriend Gabriel when he walks in on her as she’s gobbling Sean’s tenderloin. She makes Gabriel eat her pussy while she’s getting fucked, and teases, then abandons him in favor of her new sexual conquest.

Fans of Sean Michaels and cheating wife scenarios will find a lot to like in Evil Cuckold.

Cuckold Movies – Mom’s Cuckold 5

Cuckold Movie - Moms Cuckold 5 cover

Get ready for a shocking display of overpowering sexual needs and intimidating sexual performance! You’re going to lose your mind when you see these girls getting ripped open and stretched out right before the eyes of their sissy cuckold husbands! This is simply an absolute must – see for fans of cuckold porn!

Five hot wives stroke and suck big black cock in five steamy interracial cuckold sex scenes. In almost three full hours of wet pussy being pounded in front of regretful cuckold husbands, we can promise your cuckold sex fix will be satisfied. Mom’s Cuckold always delivers.

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Cuckold Movie - Moms Cuckold 5 3 Cuckold Movie - Moms Cuckold 5 4
Cuckold Movie - Moms Cuckold 5 5 Cuckold Movie - Moms Cuckold 5 6

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Free Cuckold Movies – I Cant Believe You Sucked A Negro 8

Free Cuckold Movies - I Cant Believe You Sucked A Negro 8

My mother was a very smart lady. She always told me my penis would never be big enough to keep a woman satisfied. She also told me never to let black people in the house because they steal stuff. It looks like she was right on both accounts. I tried to be progressive and open minded, but now you have decided to cheat on me with the Negro help. I can only hope that you wipe his sperm off your lips before you kiss our children good night. Is that too much to ask?

In this free cuckold movie, adorable Katie St. Ives takes a hard interracial cuckold cock deep in her slut mouth. Some of you may be wondering where her pussy cuckold husband is while his cute wife is about to be filled with throbbing dark dick. Guess who’s shooting the video…

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Cuckold Movies – Shane Diesel’s Cuckold Stories 2

Word on the street is that these horny wives are being left unsatisfied by their husbands, so we sent Shane Diesel and his big black mamba to the rescue! Violet Monroe, Sarah Shevon, Nika Noir, Tara Lynn Foxx, and Sindee Jennings have been craving a big black cuckold cock, and they’re about to get rocked by Shane Diesel while their humiliated husbands watch from afar. There’s over three hours of Shane Diesel’s Cuckold Stories, and they all include a sad hubby, a happy wife, and huge black cock!

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Free Cuckold Movies – Black Bi Cuckolding 2

Free Cuckold Videos - Black Bi-Cuckolding 2

Black Bi-Cuckolding 2 does exactly what every big dick loving, pants wearing woman dreams of when she’s having to fake an orgasm atop her worthless, small dong cuckold husband. Watch as these extra horny housewives not only put a little color in their lives, but make their sissy ass men eat chocolate on demand. Three sexy cheating wives fuck their personal choice in well-hung black men, and force their cuckold husbands to suck the big dark meat while it’s still dripping with cuckold sex.

In this free cuckold video, Nella Jay can’t get enough gagging. Her sissy cuckold husband’s gagging that is. Enjoy Nella forcing a throbbing hard black man dick down her husband’s throat while she keeps her black sex mate thoroughly turned on.

Free Cuckold Videos - Black Bi-Cuckolding 2 1
Free Cuckold Videos - Black Bi-Cuckolding 2 1
Free Cuckold Videos - Black Bi-Cuckolding 2 3

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Free Cuckold Movies – Fucking Santa

A young slut wife is featured in this comedic interracial sex story. A fucking by Santa is her husband’s special present. This sexy slut gets a Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, visit from Santa Claus. And we got it all on video!!!

Fucking Santa opens in the daytime on Christmas Eve when Santa Claus arrives at producer Michael’s home to be greeted by young slut Kathi and husband Paulie. As the old bearded man comes in, our sexy slut gets a kiss and a “Merry Christmas” — and they follow Santa upstairs to a bedroom.

Paulie grabs a seat nearby to watch his sexy slut in action.

Santa pats his lap and tells our young slut to come to him and have a seat. Santa points out that she has been a very bad girl this year, and in fact is on his Naughty List.

“I’m sorry, Santa, I tried to be good,” this sexy slut wife says.

Santa offers her some pretty earrings as her Christmas present. Our interracial sex story is about to get much sexier!

Free Cuckold Movies - Fucking Santa

Free Cuckold Videos – Eat My Black Boyfriend’s Cum

Meet Brandi and Lavender. Brandi is a submissive cuckold humiliation sissy, and Lavender is his Goddess. Brandi shells out money constantly to buy Lavender lavish gifts in hopes that she will take pity on his cuckold husband ass and finally fuck him. Poor dopey bastard even bought her a car and an expensive corset to play with her in.

Well, there’s no way that Brandi’s small cock is going to be any fun with these great toys…so Lavender invites her big black cuckold sex friend over to reap the rewards. Lavender and her black cuckold friend keep Brandi masked and less than a foot away for everything they get into. She frequently whips his humiliated cock whenever she notices he is getting hard without her permission. Lavender paddles Brandi’s sissified cuckold husband ass, slaps him, makes him suck on a black dildo whenever she gives her black cuckold friend a blowjob, and even makes him lick the cum off her freshly fucked bottom.

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Free Cuckold Videos – Mom’s Cuckold 4

I the first scene, Ava Devine and her husband are on a Jamaican vacation. Ava noticed that the hotel manager may be just the cure for her black cock addiction… and her cuckold husbands fantasy!

Shortly after, Mr. Cummz is a social worker whose rehabilitation solutions for the aggressive Jon Jon are forms of “testosterone therapy” handled by Courtney Cummz while he watches! No better way to get humbled than to have your hot horny housewife make a powerless cuckold husband out of you.

In the third scene of this awesome cuckold movie, our man Julius’ car brakes down. Sexy housewife Katie Fox and her cuckold husband bring him back home to use their phone. Since the tow truck takes 2 hours to get there. They keep their visitor occupied with some kinky cuckold sex. Not a bad way to spend an unfortunate night.

Next, while watching porn with her husband, curvy Kelly Divine noticed that the porn star is her personal trainer… so she invites him over. Real life cuckold porn for while her cuckold husband watches. The free cuckold videos above and at the link below are from this very scene. This physical trainer is packing more than just cut muscle, his giant cock makes Kelly’s man look like a lesser species.

Last but not least, Mckenzie Lee will do anything to keep her precious hubby out of jail. Even if it means “Black Mailing” the detective with some unbridled cuckold sex in front of her cuckold husband! Watch as she gives a stranger all of the inner cheating housewife she’s got in order to keep her husband free.

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Cum Eating Toe Sucking Cuckold

Lea is the ultimate bitch wife. She’s hot, she’s popular, and she always sports a grin when she humiliates her husband.

Lea is gorgeous. And she wields that power over her insignificant money. She’s married him for money, and maybe to use hm as a punching bag for her more vicious tendencies.

Just because they’re married, she doesn’t give it up to her husband. Instead she out-sources her dick from the local black gangs. She doesn’t get more joy than getting brutally fucked and disrespected by a black thug while her hubby watches. She’s a cruel genius. She won’t fuck her husband, a devoted, sweet man, but she will get fucked rotten and treated like a piece of trash by a stranger – all for the sake of crushing her husband.

Watch Lea ride black pole, humiliate her husband’s tiny dick, make him lick her stinky toes and eat the black cum from her soaked cunt.



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