Dear Cuckold Porno, You Need To Be Cuckolded

I’m usually all types of excited about posting free photos and video clips from hardcore raunchy ass cuckold movies.  Mean wives, big dicked Cuckold Confidential - WAtch Me Jerk Off Your Best Friendbulls and pathetic cucks make my day bright and cheery, especially when I know you’re getting off to it.  I’ll add, I don’t mind a low budget amateur movie from time to time.  Hell, sometimes I prefer it!  Even still, I have standards.  Today, I won’t be singing any praises, but I will be keeping it short.

I was excited to watch Cuckold Confidential – Watch Me Jerk Off Your Best Friend at first.  It is a POV movie so I was all in.  I love feeling like those dirty woman are talking to me and cheating on me right before my eyes.  Plus, the ridiculously hot (and tattooed) Tricia Oaks is in it.  She is just fun to look at period.  Well, I was disappointed.

First off, something isn’t quite right with these ladies.  They’re off.  Cassie Young barely spits her words out.  It is a total turnoff.  And what is with the ejaculating dildo in the last scene?  Lame.  I’m not knocking you if that is something you’re into, but it does nothing for me.  Snooze.

The cock that belongs to the so called best friend/bull is not the cock I want to see in a cuckold movie.  It is average size, which is perfectly fine and of plenty of use in the real world, but I want a giant meaty cock in my porno.  Your medium sized wang just didn’t cut it for me.  I didn’t feel threatened.  At all.  That might work for you.  If so, you need to get down with this movie.  If not, welcome.

Cuckold Confidential, you deserve to be a cum eating cuckold.



Cuckold Fail – A Couple Cards Short…

Cuckold Fail - Marcia Exposed Welcome back to the cuckold movie roast capital of the interwebs. Today we have a video which it pains us to even include in the same sentence as the word “cuckold” itself, Marcia Exposed. Trix Video thinks writing “Husband and Wife” on their box covers is enough to create cuckold porn for all of you lovely Cuck Queens, Cuckold Husbands and Bulls out there.

Let’s commence with the flaming shall we?

The premise of this supposed cuckold movie is that Marcia and her husband have friends and strangers over to gangbang Marcia in different settings. This would be great, except that part of their “rouse” is to not tell anyone involved that they are married. Marcia and her “cuckold husband” act as if they are just fuck buddies getting their swing on. Besides this long-dong silver fox calling Marcia “Sweet Pea” throughout the entire video, there is never one solitary reference to them being married. No interview beforehand, no letting the cat out of the bag afterward, and certainly nothing during their gangbang encounters. Sorry Trix Video, nothing you write on the box cover can make this a cuckold movie.

To make matters even worse in this horrible excuse for a cuckold movie, the man who is supposed to be the cuckold husband keeps directing and taking photos during the gangbang. Excuse me sir, do you want to shoot cuckold porn or gonzo porn? Please make up your mind and pick a fucking character.

No Cuck Queen, No Cuckold Husband, No Dice.


Cuckold Fail – Quality

After being truly infuriated by the low quality seen recently in the POV Cuckold genre, we decided a column should be created to educate those interested in making cuckold porn. The first of our Cuckold Fail articles focuses purely on quality.

When you are sitting down after a long day, about to spend a few minutes indulging your libido by watching a well-deserved cuckold movie, the last thing you want to see is a poor excuse. Too many amateur cuckold video producers settle on releasing extremely low-quality work, simply because amateur cuckold porn is a relatively wide open market. Do you feel comfortable knowing these producers take your opinion of quality cuckold sex for granted? We do not by any means.

Take this cuckold movie clip for example. The first thing we noticed, less than a minute into the video, was a sharp crackling sound coming through the speakers. Now, this wouldn’t be so bad if we were watching a Charlie Chaplin silent movie. Unfortunately, trying to masturbate to “CRACKLE SCRATCH POP!” is fairly impossible. In this day and age, where video footage can simply be erased and re-recorded digitally, this type of audio problem should not end up in the finished release of a cuckold movie.

There is also the issue of acting. We understand the fine line that is walked between pro-am and true amateur content, but the Cuck should always be in character. The Cuck in this video acts almost completely disinterested in both demeaning her cuckold husband and even fucking her bull. To be honest, she makes a more convincing “hooker just hired 5 minutes ago to shoot a cuckold movie from the corner across the street.” Her performance not only made us want to stop watching this video less than 5 minutes into it, but also might have gotten this box title framed on our wall of “Things That Kill Boners.”

As cuckold porn fans, we implore you to demand more as consumers. The better quality we all require to purchase cuckold movies, the better quality cuckold movie producers will create. Don’t settle for this!