Cuckolding 101 – To Cuckold or Not To Cuckold?

YouTube’s favorite cuckoldress, JinxyPie, tackles the subject of the “Cuckold Catch 22″.

“There’s this big ‘Catch-22′ some couples face. He wants her to have the ultimate in sexual pleasure, she doesn’t feel that it’s necessary to have others, and he wants her to be happy, so… what do they do?”

How do you feel about this situation in the Cuckolding lifestyle?

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Cuckolding 101 – Cuckoldress JinxyPie Discusses Communication with Cuckold Partners

Cuckoldress JinxyPie gives advice on how to best communicate with Cuckold sex partners. In a world where so many people are closed-minded to alternative sexual lifestyles, finding cuckold partners and cuckolding relationships can be a very awkward and difficult task. Take JinxyPie’s educated and experienced point of view, and use it to make your own cuckolding that much more enjoyable.