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Alura Jenson is one sexy mean wife that truly gets off on cuckolding her husband.  She is disappointed with her shrimp dicked husbby who Las Vegas Cuckoldmanages to keep a hard-on while wearing a straight jacket and a chastity device.  Alura gives him a few strokes and proceeds to further ridicule him.  He apologizes, but never manages to get rid of his tiny little boner.  For that, she promises to make his life a living hell.  Miss Jenson is a sweetheart.

Later, Alura talks to the camera while rubbing her sweet wifey pussy.  She talks about making you, her cuckold husband, watch as she fucks some real men with nice big cocks.  This scene really makes you feel as if you are indeed the cuckold husband to this dominant busty blonde fox.

For the final scene, the cuck husband gets to suck her bitch boy’s cock while Alura watches and pleasures herself.  Sitting on the counter, she spreads her legs and goes to town while her pathetic little man begs for permission to stop.  This only fuels the flow of her pussy juice and makes her rub her clit faster and harder.  I guess her husband should have never cheated on her with that secretary!

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The Reality Junkies really have this whole cuckold thing down with the Mom’s Cuckold series.   The scenarios are superb, the wives are bitchy-hot, Mom's Cuckold 8the bulls are always packin’ and the  cucks, well they’re really good at getting treated like shit.  The newest of the series, Mom’s Cuckold 8, has one scene in particular that really captures the essence of cuckoldry.  It is so satisfying that I am in fact giving you three free video clips.

Katie Kox‘s husband comes home drunk and enters the house having forgotten to pay the cab driver. She doesn’t have enough money to cover her jerk off of a husband’s cab fare so she figures out another form of payment. Katie happily turns her husband into a little bitch cuck while she gets her big black cock on.  This scene is as funny as it is hot, so good luck deciding whether to jerk off or point and laugh.  I suppose you could do both.  I’m about to spoil the fuck out of you.  Watch and enjoy.

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If you missed the free videos from Mom’s Cuckold 7, you should definitely check them out. Bobbi Starr is one hell of a bitch wife.

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Sure, our last few posts featured plenty of interracial cuckold action, but I couldn’t resist posting the new porno from the Black Bi Cuckolding Black Bi Cuckolding 7series.  This one definitely tops the previous titles and I didn’t even get past the first scene.  Ashli Orion is sweet enough to throw her hubby a surprise birthday party, but don’t get it twisted because she is one bitch of a wife.  What is the surprise?  Why it’s a nice big fat black cock.  Her sissy cuck husband hasn’t fucked her in 6 months and he has tons of male on male porn on his computer so she knows he likes dick.  Before she makes him suck her best friend’s black schlong she gets her pussy licked and reamed.  She doesn’t even want to hear her sad little husband’s voice while she enjoys getting her sweet pussy taken care of.

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Mmmm… how about some nice chocolate dick, Deviant Kade? He is told to stop being a little bitch and appreciate his present. That is exactly what he does.  He opens wide and takes that long dong down his throat!  He is such a good little bi cuckold.

Free Cuckold Videos – Mom’s Cuckold 7

Mom’s Cuckold 7 just might be the best of the series yet.  Right out of the gate in scene 1 we get to see Bobbi Star’s cuckMom's Cuckold Videos 7
queen skills in action.  We immediately see her disgust when her pathetic hubby makes an attempt to present her with a romantic home cooked dinner for their anniversary.  Instead she gives herself a nice big meaty cock for their anniversary.  The only gift her sad sack cuckold husband gets is the cum he licks off of her inner thigh.

In scene 2 the sexy cuck wife tart, Sienna West, blows her wimpy little husband off to go on a trip to Mexico with her cocky rock hard stud, Tyler Knight.  Before they head to the airport they take the time to fuck right in front and on top of (literally) Sienna’s tiny dicked cuck bitch.  He gets rejected when he asks to fuck her and it only makes Tyler ram his cock into her even harder – just to prove that the little worm can’t fill her pussy up anymore.

Scenes 3 and 4 kept the cuckold party going, but scene 5 really brought it home with a bitch of a husband that has to video his wife and her fuck toy as he bangs out her pussy far better than the other little shrimp could ever dream of.  Rough and hard.

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Free Wife Sex Videos - Evil Cuckold
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When a frustrated wife or live-in girlfriend is looking for some strange sex, Sean Michaels is ready to deliver the goods. Evil Cuckold, directed by Sean for Buttman Magazine Choice, offers four scenes in its two-and-a half hour run time ranging from a swinging couple happily enjoying Sean’s company to a frustrated wife fucking Sean while taunting her chastity-confined cuckold husband.

Eager Chip gets wife Krissy Lynn to call phone repairman Sean so she can fuck him – and he can watch. Chip watches and helps Krissy get off with Sean, and is rewarded with a mouthful of interracial cuckold jizz second-hand from Krissy, which he complacently swallows.

Janet Mason is displeased with husband Bob’s puny dick, which she has locked up in a chastity device. She makes Bob watch as she fucks and sucks his boss Sean, while she humiliates him in a nonstop barrage of abuse, ending with making Bob taste “a real man’s cum” off her chin.

Ava Devine and Johnny Fender are the swingers who offer Ava to Sean as a carnal incentive to buy their house, with anal and ATM to sweeten the deal.

Sienna West humiliates boyfriend Gabriel when he walks in on her as she’s gobbling Sean’s tenderloin. She makes Gabriel eat her pussy while she’s getting fucked, and teases, then abandons him in favor of her new sexual conquest.

Fans of Sean Michaels and cheating wife scenarios will find a lot to like in Evil Cuckold.

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A young slut wife is featured in this comedic interracial sex story. A fucking by Santa is her husband’s special present. This sexy slut gets a Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, visit from Santa Claus. And we got it all on video!!!

Fucking Santa opens in the daytime on Christmas Eve when Santa Claus arrives at producer Michael’s home to be greeted by young slut Kathi and husband Paulie. As the old bearded man comes in, our sexy slut gets a kiss and a “Merry Christmas” — and they follow Santa upstairs to a bedroom.

Paulie grabs a seat nearby to watch his sexy slut in action.

Santa pats his lap and tells our young slut to come to him and have a seat. Santa points out that she has been a very bad girl this year, and in fact is on his Naughty List.

“I’m sorry, Santa, I tried to be good,” this sexy slut wife says.

Santa offers her some pretty earrings as her Christmas present. Our interracial sex story is about to get much sexier!

Free Cuckold Movies - Fucking Santa

Cuckold Movie Reviews – Cuckold Fantasies 2

Wife Sex Videos - Cuckold Fantasies 2We may have featured this cuckold video once in the past, but it deserves another shot in the limelight. Cuckold Fantasies 2 from Roman Video is a white hot staple in Cuckold Porn.

Hot blonde horny housewife Harmony has a craving for some strange hard cock, but her husband is kind of an obstacle. Luckily, Harmony is a queen in the world of seduction. She seduces him by sucking and stroking his throbbing hard-on. She teases him by saying how much the idea turns her on and how it is going to make their relationship better than it already is.

He is reluctant at first, but the blow job and devious manipulation is too powerful of a combo for the sissified hubby. She then makes him repeat OUT LOUD that he wants to watch his cheating wife get fucked by another man! The way she talks to him and sucks his cock will drive you insane with lust. I found myself rewinding this scene over and over again just to hear and see her gain total mental and physical control. She rewards him with hot wife sex by letting him suck and worship her pussy, but suddenly changes her attitude and becomes extremely dominant.

Wife Sex Videos - Cuckold Fantasies 2 1

This red hot slut wife shows her real colors by turning her sissified cuckold husband into a stool. She sits on his back to apply makeup in their mirror and get dressed for her new cuckold sex partner. Her husband wants Harmony to let him at least touch himself while she is fucking another man, but she has fitted his manhood with a sturdy chastity device in order to prevent just that. The happily cheating housewife finishes her outfit, rubs her tits in her submissive husband’s face, and then instructs him to kneel in the corner until she returns home.

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Harmony returns with the lover that her last sissified husband couldn’t handle watching her fuck, and calls for her awaiting cuckold husband to come downstairs. Harmony rubs it in by calling her lover a REAL MAN with a REAL COCK in front of her husband. She makes her cuckold husband undress her and she begins sucking her cuckold sex partner’s cock while looking at him and taunting him. Gonna have to watch to find out the rest :)

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Cheating Wives Movies - My Wife Is Banging A Mandingo DVDAll you tiny penis cuckold wimps out there should get real close to the monitor and study these free cheating housewife pics. When you are away on business or taking care of the kids like the sissy you are, you should practice saying the phrase, “My Wife Is Banging A Mandingo!

These aren’t your out of this world, fake ass porn star horny housewives. These are full bodied real women who need to feel filled to the brim with a throbbing cock more often than your tiny prick can provide. So where do they go for proper satisfaction? To the local well endowed mandingo male specimen of course. When all of you cuckold husband types are out, a much bigger swinging dick is plastering a huge smile across your cheating wives‘ faces.

These sexy whore wife pics are all the proof you need. This big titted blonde housewife is so happy to see a real big dick that she barely stops grinning even while having her cervix pounded repeatedly. While watching this scene, I think I successfully counted at least 5 different major orgasms on this sex kitten’s face. She takes his cock so deep doggystyle at one point, she tilts her hips downward and her eyes literally roll into the back of her head in extreme pleasure. That’s the way to fuck a cheating housewife Mandingo boy. Take notes sissy cuckold husbands.

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Cheating Wives Movies - My Wife Is Banging A Mandingo 1 Cheating Wives Movies - My Wife Is Banging A Mandingo 2 Cheating Wives Movies - My Wife Is Banging A Mandingo 3
Cheating Wives Movies - My Wife Is Banging A Mandingo 4 Cheating Wives Movies - My Wife Is Banging A Mandingo 5 Cheating Wives Movies - My Wife Is Banging A Mandingo 6

Wife training turns into cuck training.

cuckold movie

You know you’re wife is a heartless, slutty ho when she fucks a sweaty pig like Michael Khan.
Courtney was brought to the fat man’s dungeon to receive some domestic training.
But, Master Khan includes some hidden services in his training package.

To work on trust issues, Master Khan has Courtney’s husband don a blindfold. Reluctantly, the husband obliges, and we first see his sucker mentality.

Again, I’m not sure how Khan does it, because you’d typically think of a cuckolding stud to be rock solid rather than soft in the middle, but I guess Courtney has such an appetite for sex that she’s willing to take on any meat that comes down the pike.

Khan does live up to his word, he does in fact give some discipline training, spanking Courtney’s plump, succulent ass.
But it doesn’t last long. Withing minutes he’s got his shirt up, his fat blubbery roll hanging out, and his dong in Courtney’s mouth.

The sucking and lip smacking is audible to Courtney’s cuckold husband, his whining becoming nearly as load as the gagging noises coming from Courtney’s slobbery mouth.

Eventually, Khan and Courntey hush up, momentarily, as Courtney mounts Mike’s cock, and slowly grinds him.
But, as the heat builds, so does the moans, and once again Courtney’s husband starts to whine.
Neither of the two fuck partners do much to assuage him, and in turn, the cuck hubby removes the blindfold to see the disgusting scene before him.

You’d think he’d walk out, but I guess we could have predicted his push-over ways. His wife is probably in need of domestic training because she’s married to a fucking wimp. And perhaps that’s why she’s seeking other cock.

Check out the cuckold video here. If you can bare to watch the grotesque Michael Khan, you’ll benefit from the glorious site of Courtney cumming.

Classic Cuckold Movies

john holmes videos

I’ve found this ancient cuckold movie, starring the penultimate cuckolding cock-weilder John Holmes. Nary a housewife can withstand the temptation of his tremendous ten incher, no hubby will go tearless upon finding his wife bent over and getting drilled.

Although this film isn’t marketed as a cuck movie, it’s definitely got all the elements. Cheating wives, whimpering husbands, and street scum gigolos willing to go eye’s deep in another man’s wife.

Take a look at some other John Holmes movies at his seminal site.

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